✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (2024)


  • Jul 23, 2015
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We are an affordable solution to any of your Gaming or Voice (VOIP) Server requirements, running off the latest version of TCAdmin 2 Server Control panel, making administrating your server quick and hassle free. We pride ourselves on being able to provide low-cost servers without disrupting quality, currently running our servers off Dedicated Servers located in France, meaning we are able to provide low-ping connections to Europe, and the majority of the world. Along side our super-fast servers, we are able to provide 24/7 support via our ticket support system, meaning you get a response quicker.

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (4)

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (5)

We offer a wide-array of features and incentives to all of our game-server packages, meaning you get great value on any of your purchases;

  • ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (6)

    24/7 Support

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (7)

    Instant Setup

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (8)

    Live Server Statistics

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (9)

    Free MySQL Database

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (10)

    TCAdmin 2 Game Control Panel

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (11)

    Free Anti-DDOS Protection

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (12)

    Latest Updates

    ✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (13)

    Low Ping

Special Offer: Use Code TerrariaOnline to get 25% off your first month!

Click here to order!

(Apply the discount at checkout, then price will be reduced).

Also check our Steam Group Page for more offers and discounts. Keep your eyes peeled, and join the group (invite your friends too). The more group members, the better the discounts!

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (14)

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (15)

Alongside Terraria we offer a bundle of other games at highly competitive pricing.

The list doesn't end there however! Don't see a game you want on the list? Send us a ticket and we'll do our best to accommodate your hosting needs.

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (22)

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (23)

If you need to get in contact with us, or want a direct link to our website features, click below.

Don't forget to Join our Steam Group Page, -- this is where we will post all our promotions, discounts and offers.

Hosted in:

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (27)

France, Europe and

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (28)

Canada, North America.
Demo Server:

✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (29)


  • Jul 30, 2015
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Mind if I ask this on here and not using support? "Dan" responded to me about this but I don't understand

How do I download tShock and stuff? I was told to go into the "Mod Packs" section but I can't find this.


Queen Slime
  • Jan 8, 2016
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This is a review of APEX GameServers' hosting services. All of the information from here on is purely the opinion of Tribulation and not representative of any other entity.

APEX GameServers is a somewhat reliable hosting service. Their slot prices for Terraria are pretty affordable at $0.49 each, making this a good deal if you're needing to create a "budget" game server that you cannot host yourself. The TCAdmin control panel and FTP access are also quite helpful to manage configuration files for TShock, as is the Log Viewer allowing you to see server logs updated in real time, and server stability is solid. However, this is seemingly where the benefits of using APEX end.

The cons in my personal experience of using APEX are as follows:

  • Command line restrictions. You cannot remove parts of the command line, such as the -autocreate parameter, when specifying which world you want the server to load. You must set the -world parameter to the name of the world you wish to load - e.g. -world TestWorld.wld , in order to force the server to load the map.
  • Server Modifications - APEX does not offer the latest version of TShock, but rather the version prior to that (as of the date of posting).
  • Web Console - what's the point of this if you cannot execute commands remotely through TCAdmin, but simply watch the console? There are logs for that.
  • Management and FAQ - APEX is somewhat lacking in terms of a knowledge base for Terraria servers hosted through them. Questions that would be asked by a user completely new to hosting, such as how to specify the world, are not included. In addition, APEX will not inform you when scheduled maintenance is to occur, nor for how long. This also includes taking your server offline without your knowledge, as has currently happened.
  • Support - This is somewhat related to the prior section, but APEX's support staff are helpful - most of the time. If scheduled maintenance is in progress, expect to wait a while for a response, despite if you use the maintenance mode contact methods (Contacting DanC / Mark through Steam, or sending an email to [emailprotected]).

Despite my descriptions of the "cons" of using APEX for your hosting needs, these simply reflect my experience and may not correspond to yours. This is not a complaint about APEX GameServers, but rather a critique.

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✪APEX GameServers | $0.49 / slot | EU/US | Free Anti-DDOS✪ (2024)
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