Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (2024)

From Will Smith's return to stage to Sexyy Red's presidential bid and Megan Thee Stallion's show-opening throw down, we have them all for you.

Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (1)

The 2024 BET Awards on Sunday night (June 30) had something for everyone, including Will Smith’s gospel rap return to music, host Taraji P. Henson channeling Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth Pop Out concert look during a “Not Like Us” parody, as well as Ice Spice putting the censors into overdrive with her runs through “Phat Butt” and “Think U the sh*t (Fart).”

Sexyy Red also served up a two-fer with “U My Everything” and “Get It Sexyy,” as did Latto (“Sunday Service,” “Big Mama”), while GloRilla proved she deserves to be on the big stage with a medley featuring “Yeah Glo!,” followed by “TGIF,” and a team up with her current tourmate Megan Thee Stallion on “Wanna Be.”

Meg made her own mark with a show-opening treat for her Hotties, continuing her rebirth theme by popping out of an egg in a bikini to perform “Hiss,” “Boa” and “Where Them Girls At?” There were also nods to country courtesy of Tanner Adell (“Buckle Bunny,” “Cowboy Broke My Heart”) and Shaboozey, who was joined by J-Kwon for his breakout Billboard Hot 100 No. 2 hit “A Bar Song (Tipsy).”

The night also featured a lifetime achievement award honor for Usher, whose hit records were performed by Childish Gambino, Coco Jones, Keke Palmer, Summer Walker and Marsha Ambrosius, as well as Tinashe, Teyana Taylor, Victoria Monét and Latto. In addition to a medley from Lauryn Hill and son YG Marley, one of the night’s most talked-about bits was when Smith debuted his new inspirational song, “You Can Make It,” with help from the Sunday Service Choir, Kirk Franklin and Chandler Moore from a stage rung in fire.

Watch, or rewatch, all of the 2024 BET Awards performances below.

  • Megan Thee Stallion

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (2)

    Meg emerged from an egg to rule the stage to kick off Sunday’s show with a medley of new songs including “Hiss” and “Boa,” as well as her latest anthem, “Where Them Girls At?”

  • Victoria Monét

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (3)

    Monét and her crew were matchy-matchy in bedazzled baggy jeans, varsity jackets and oversized white t-shirts as the singer danced her way through the bubbling “On My Mama” and was joined by surprise guest Kaytranada for “Alright.”

  • Will Smith

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (4)

    In his first major awards show performance since his 2022 Chris Rock slap at the Oscars, Smith returned to music with the live debut of his gospel-tinged single “You Can Make It,” urgently rapping on a stormy stage accompanied by the Sunday Service Choir, Kirk Franklin and Chandler Moore.

  • GloRilla

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (5)

    Glo parachuted onto the stage for a high-energy run through her anthem “Yeah Glo!” before slipping into her new “TGIF” single and getting a surprise pop-in from tour mate Megan Thee Stallion for their collaboration on “Wanna Be.”

  • Shaboozey

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (6)

    Shaboozey brought some boot scoot to the proceedings on Sunday with a bar-themed shuffle through his hit single “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” which featured line dancing and a surprise appearance from St. Louis’ J-Kwon, who rapped the hook ‘Boozey’s song is based around.

  • Tanner Adell

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (7)

    The country upstart turned an automotive product placement-heavy set into a showcase for her feisty sound with a medley of her songs “Buckle Bunny” and “Cowboy Broke My Heart.”

  • Latto

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (8)

    Latto sipped some wine and lounged in her fur coat during her set-opening stroll through “Sunday Service,” accompanied by a single dancer, a DJ and piano player before jumping up from her lounge chair and switching into an animal print two-piece for the live debut of her new single, “Big Mama.”

  • Sexyy Red

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (9)

    Red kicked things off with “U My Everything,” wearing a long red robe that matched her fiery hair color on a set dressed to look like a jazz club. After being swept away by the fake secret service, the scene then turned to a stage bedecked with presidential patterns and “Sexyy Red For President” logos as the MC offered up her “sexy oath of office” in “Get It Sexyy.”

  • Tyla

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (10)

    Best new artist winner Tyla got back to basics during her set, emerging from a cage featuring a tiger made up of dancers in striped costumes and paying homage to her South African culture while performing “Jump” with assists from Gunna and Skillibeng.

  • Heiress Harris and Van Van

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (11)

    T.I. and Tiny’s adorable daughter Heiress made her BET debut alongside fellow pint sized MC Van Van with a song featuring an uplifting message about individuality. The eight-year-old rapper ruled the classroom-themed stage during the song with lyrics about playing tag, Roger Rabbit and keeping it cute.\

  • Ice Spice

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (12)

    Spice twerked her way across the stage in a white bikini and matching furry boots on the gas station-themed set for fiery performances of “Phat Butt” and ‘Think U the sh*t (Fart).”

  • Usher Tribute

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (13)

    Usher was honored on Sunday night with a lifetime achievement award that included an all-star musical 15-minute tribute featuring Childish Gambino, Teyana Taylor, Keke Palmer, Victoria Monét, Coco Jones, Chlöe, Latto Summer Walker and Marsha Ambrosius running through some of Ush’s biggest hits.

  • Lauryn Hill and YG Marley

    Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (14)

    The Fugees singer/rapper and solo star was joined by son YG Marley for a dramatic show-closing medley of her hits “Lost Ones” and YG’s “Survival” and “Praise Jah in the Moonlight,” capped by Fugees bandmate Wyclef Jean joining them for 1995’s iconic “Fu-Gee-La.”

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Watch Every 2024 BET Awards Performance (2024)
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